10 jQuery Horizontal Scroll plugins

Today, scroll animation has become favorite for myriad of web designers and developers; parallax and one page scrolling websites are the popular and trending topics on Internet. In this article we have amassed a list of 10 jQuery Horizontal Scroll plugins which will allow you to create horizontal effects for your websites.

We have included both premium and free plugins, you can use them as per your requirements, all of these plugins are packed with some nifty features.

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1. LiMarquee

liMarquee allows you to display different html content in your page in a continuous ticker, and gives a lot of opportunities to manipulated this content.

The plugin is jQuery script that creates a scrolling of your text or html content. You can use this jQuery plugin to create horizontal scrolling images. If you need to create a vertical marquee with the banners, you perfect this jQuery plugin.

Very often you want to create a moving one horizontal line with the text or thumbs of goods, create a ticker with the latest news. To do this you perfect this script.
You can set the motion in any directions. Let it left to right or right to left. Let it top to bottom or bottom to top.
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2. jQuery Horizontal Tree

jQuery Horizontal Tree is a jQuery plugin for visualising data in a tree structure. This plugin supports add, edit, delete functionality with ajax and also supports drag and drop for re-organisation of nodes.

A plugin that allows you to render structures with nested elements in a tree structure. To build the tree you need is to just make a single line call to the plugin and set parameter and supply the HTML element Id for a nested unordered list element that is representative of the data you’d like to display.
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3. jInvertScroll

It’s a lightweight plugin for jQuery that allows you to move in horizontal with a parallax effect while scrolling down. It’s extremely easy to setup and requires nearly no configuration.
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4. Scroll to Style jQuery Plugin

scrollToStyle is a versatile tool that lets you manage CSS properties of elements using the page scroll. You will be able to compel the elements move, change their size, color, opacity, background and many other properties. Using scrollToStyle plugin, you can create incredible animations to visualize various data, apply effects to images and create stunning 3D graphics.

You can also implement sprite animation. And the most important thing is that in the animation will be involved the user using mouse scroll.
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5. Sly

Sly is a JavaScript library for advanced one-directional scrolling with item based navigation support. It can be used as a simple scrollbar replacement, as an advanced item based navigation tool, or as a great navigation and animation interface for parallax websites. This is achieved by a powerful & developer friendly API that provides a bunch of very useful methods giving you control over everything.
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6. jQuery Serial Scroll

jQuery SerialScroll plugin allows you to easily animate any series of elements, by sequentially scrolling them. It uses jQuery.ScrollTo to achieve the scrolling animation. It is a very unrestricted plugin that lets you customize pretty much everything from outside. You can use horizontal or vertical scroll, also combined.

You can certainly use it as a screen slider. That is, to sequentially navigate a group of screens. This plugin can also animate a text scroller in no time.

It can definitely handle slideshows, the high customizability of the scrolling effect lets you create beautiful animations. You can even build an automatic news ticker!
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7. Horizon Scroll

This is a jQuery plugin which allows for websites to page(scroll by set width) left and right horizontally. Horizontal scroll sites offer a new and unique way to develope sites.
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8. HorWheel

Horwheel is a component to scroll horizontally with mouse wheel. It’s cross-browser compatible.
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9. Fullpage

A simple and easy to use libary to create fullscreen scrolling websites (also known as single page websites or onepage sites). It allows the creation of fullscreen scrolling websites, as well as adding some landscape sliders inside the sections of the site.
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10. Easy Scroll

This easy scroll application was made to simplify your work and save you time in developing any kind of web template or application, it can be easily inserted in any context and has a wide range of parameters that can make your scrolling unique.
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10 jQuery Horizontal Scroll plugins
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