15 Best jQuery Notification Plugins for 2017

jQuery Notification plugins allow us to create different type of notification messages and alerts to notify visitors about the functions and working procedure of websites. jQuery Notification are useful when a visitor is navigating or accessing restricted areas of your websites. For this article we have amassed a list of 15 Best jQuery Notification Plugins for 2017 which we feel are best and helpful for creating notification messages for your users.

If we have missed any of jQuery Notification plugin, please let us know by posting a comment below, we would love to hear your feedback.

1. Bootstrap Notify

Bootstrap Notify is a simple plugin that turns standard Bootstrap alerts into “Growl-like” notifications.
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2. jQuery Super Notice

jQuery Super Notice is a jQuery plugin that allows you to create easily nice and animated notices. Notices can be full customized, positioned in any one of the screen’s corner, and have header, icons and buttons! It can be used for your websites, your admin interfaces, contact forms send.
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3. Overhang.js

overhang.js is a jQuery plugin to display sleek, instant notifications, confirmations or prompts inside a given element.
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4. Lobibox

Lobibox is a responsive jQuery messagebox and notification plugin.Both Messageboxes and Notifications has some useful option to customize.
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5. Smoke

Smoke is a jQuery plugin that is designed for use with Bootstrap 3 and has lots of helpful features including form validation, notifications, progress bar and more.
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6. AmaranJS

Amaran JS is a jQuery plugin to create beautiful and stylish notifications with animations.
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7. Biscuit.js

A customizable cookie based jQuery notification plugin with nifty animations and persistence. This plugin has cookie based persistence, desktop notifications options and nifty animations.
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8. herbyCookie

herbyCookie is an easy jQuery plugin asking at user for cookie allowing a website to comply with the EU cookie law.
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9. Notifier

Notifier is a jQuery plugin to push notifications on your webpages.
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10. Twitter Bootstrap Notification

Twitter Bootstrap notification is plugin of Twitter bootstrap. It is easy to create notification functionality to the web application. It can be used without Twitter Bootstrap. (You use notification.css, if you don’t want to use Twitter bootstrap css).
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11. jQuery Toast Plugin

Toast is a jQuery plugin to show highly customizable notifications to the user.
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12. Noty

noty is a jQuery plugin that makes it easy to create alert, success, error and confirmation messages as an alternative the standard alert dialog. The notifications can be positioned at the top, topCenter (like GMail), bottom, centre, top left or top right. There are lots of other options in the API to customize the text, animation, speed, buttons and much more.
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13. jBox

jBox is a powerful and flexible jQuery plugin, taking care of all your popup windows, tooltips, notices and more.
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14. Notify

Notify! is a jQuery Notification Plugin which adds simple notifications bars that you can use on your website and application to assist users while they fill in forms, navigate through pages or interact with interface.
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15. Notie

Notie.js is a clean and simple notification plugin (alert/growl style) for JavaScript, with no dependencies. It is easy to customize, includes no dependencies, you can change color to match your own style brand, and font size auto-adjusts based on screen size.
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15 Best jQuery Notification Plugins for 2017
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