Best jQuery Modal Window Plugins for 2016

Modal windows are one of the most commonly used user interface elements, and are used to command user awareness in order to communicate important information, or to alert of errors or warnings. With jQuery Modal Window plugins you can easily create such modal windows and not only aware your users but also deliver a user friendly environment to them.

Here is the list of some of the best jQuery Modal Window or Dialog Boxes plugins 2016 for your use to make your site looks modern and trendy.

1. Zebra_Dialog

zebra dialog
Zebra_Dialog is a small, compact, and highly configurable jQuery plugin for creating modal responsive dialog boxes, meant to replace native Java Script “alert” and “confirmation” dialog boxes.

Can also be used as a notification widget (when configured to show no buttons and to close automatically) for updates or errors, without distracting users from their browser experience by displaying obtrusive alerts.
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2. eModal

eModal is a simple way to create modal dialogs using jQuery and Bootstrap. You can use eModal to display a modal for alert, ajax, prompt, confirm or iframe.
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3. Uglipop.js

Uglipop.js is a ultra lightweight, minimal and highly customizable javascript Modal/Lightbox plugin. It can be styled easily using basic CSS class.
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4. iziModal

iziModal is an elegant, responsive, flexible and lightweight modal plugin with jQuery.
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5. Replete Modal

replete modal
Replete Modal is a user-friendly, fully customizable, responsive jQuery popup modal to take any HTML content, including images, videos, SVG icons, forms and display it in a clean organised and responsive popup. It is easy, flexible, and powerful to create professional looking popup modal.

This plugin features plenty of layouts, CSS transitions, SVG Icons, and animations, 9 Position, 40+ animations, 5 Overlay, 10 Modal Layouts, 10 Modal Types, 35+ SVG Icons and much more.
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6. Modaal

Modaal is an accessible dialog window plugin for all humans. This plugin is fully responsive, includes full screen/viewport mode, flexible close options and methods, and customizable CSS with SASS options.
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7. jQuery.modal

jquery modal
jQuery.modal is a jQuery plugin for simple modal boxes, alerts, prompts, confirms. It’s responsive and many other options included.
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8. animatedModal.js

animatedModal.js is a jQuery plugin to create a full screen modal with CSS3 transitions. You can use the transitions by animate.css or create yourself their transitions.
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9. jqModal

jqModal is a plugin for jQuery to help you display notices, dialogs, and modal windows in a web browser. It is flexible and tiny, akin to a “Swiss Army Knife”, and makes a great base as a general purpose windowing framework.
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10. TWI Awesome Modal/Popup

twi awesome modalpopup
TWI Awesome Modal/Popup is a responsive jQuery and CSS3 animation based modal/pupup for your WordPress website. This plugin will enable with any kinds of WYSIWYG editor of WordPress with your post/custom post/page etc.

You can also use this with widget. You can use your shortcode with any kinds of content like as video, map, form, slider, tab, carousel, accordion, image gallery as well any kinds of shortcode as a content within this shortcode.
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11. Rmodal.js

rmodal.js is a simple and lightweight modal dialog with no external dependencies. It supports IE9+, less than 1.2 kb, fully unit tested and has no dependencies.
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12. jQuery Confirm

jQuery Confirm is a multipurpose jQuery plugin for alert, confirm and dialog. It provides set of features like, Auto-close, Ajax-loading, background-dismiss, themes and more.
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13. Stackbox

Stackbox is a jQuery plugin for creating stackable modal boxes. It’s also easy to customize using CSS / LESS.
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14. Dockmodal

Dockmodal is a Gmail like dockable modal plugin that has the option to minimize and restore opened modal dialogs. You can use this plugin to create modal dialogs as well as have the ability to dock them at the bottom.
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15. Super Dialog Modal Window jQuery Plugin

super dialog modal window
This is another great jQuery Modal Window plugin which allows you to create modal and popup windows easily. This plugin is responsive and comes with 5 inbuilt themes, unlimited buttons, and unlimited contents.
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Final Words

These were some of the best jQuery Modal Window/Dialogue Box Plugins, which you can use for creating popup, alerts and other type of notifications for your websites. Let us know which one is your favorite and why by posting a comment below.

Best jQuery Modal Window Plugins for 2016
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