Best jQuery Video Plugins for Streaming Your Videos

jQuery video plugins are really great and very easy-to-use, however, they are not supported in older browsers and there isn’t a consistency between modern browsers when it comes to file types. With the wider use of jQuery and HTML5 video and the increasing number of ready-to-use plugins around, it is hard to choose “which plugin to use”.

Therefore sparing you from such situation we have showcased a list of Best jQuery Video Plugins to stream your favourite videos. You can use following plugins to display your videos and make your websites more entertaining and useful for your audience.

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10 Best jQuery Video Gallery Plugins

1. YouTube Vimeo Popup Plugin

This is a plugin that allows users to easily create popup videos that appear after clicking an element on the page. This could be an image, link, or whatever you want! These videos can be youtube or vimeo videos.
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2. Easy Video Player

Easy Video Player is a powerful responsive video player that can play local videos, streaming videos from a server, Youtube videos or Vimeo videos. It only requires the mp4 format (the best and most used format on the web) and it will work on mobile devices and desktop machines no matter which browser is used including older browsers like IE7/IE8, this is made possible by incorporating four video engines into the Easy Video Player, basically it has built-in a HTML5 YouTube video engine, normal video engine, flash YouTube video engine and flash normal video engine.

Packed with a huge amount of features like responsive layout, multiple instances manager, flexible skin, share, embed, subtitles and much more.
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3. Flv.js

flv.js is an HTML5 Flash Video (FLV) Player written in pure JavaScript without Flash. flv.js works by transmuxing FLV file stream into ISO BMFF (Fragmented MP4) segments, followed by feeding mp4 segments into an HTML5 video element through Media Source Extensions API.
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4. SuperEmbed.js

SuperEmbed.js detects embedded videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, VideoPress, DailyMotion, and more on webpages and makes them responsive. Essentially, this means they stretch to fill their container while still maintaining the content’s original aspect ratio.
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5. OkVideo

OKVideo is a jQuery plugin that allows for YouTube or Vimeo videos to be used as full-screen backgrounds on webpages. OKVideo aims to be customizable while making some basic decisions about how the plugin should control video. When using OKVideo, all videos will be served from Vimeo or YouTube based on a number of variables like browser, device, bandwidth, etc.

OKVideo uses the new YouTube IFrame API which does not require any Flash objects to be present on your website. This means that mobile devices will play video served by OKVideo.
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6. Embed QuickTime

Embed QuickTime is a jQuery plugin that helps you embed QuickTime movies to play directly on your webpage, instead of redirecting your video to a separate page or forcing you to embed a video using Flash. It changes regular image links to the embedded QuickTime video when they are clicked.
Optionally, Embed QuickTime creates a “share” link giving each viewer copy & paste code to post on their own websites. It works with QuickTime (mov, mp4, m4v, 3gp), audio (mp3, wav, aiff, m4a) and Windows Media (avi, wmv, mpg).
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7. BigVideo.js

This is one of the most popular jQuery video plugin which makes it easy to add fit-to-fill background video to websites. It can play silent ambient background video (or series of videos). Or use it as a player to show video playlist. BigVideo.js can also show big background images, which is nice to have for showing big background images for devices that don’t have autoplay for ambient video.
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8. Vide

Vide is a easy jQuery plugin for video backgrounds. All modern desktop browsers are supported.
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9. CoverVid

CoverVid is a jQuery plugin to make your HTML5 video behave like a background cover image. It’s so easy to use.
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10. Royal Player

Royal Video Player is a powerful responsive video player that can play local videos, streaming videos from a server or Youtube and Vimeo videos. Royal Video Player supports unlimited playlists and each playlist can have unlimited videos. The playlists can be loaded from a simple HTML markup, XML file, video folder or youtube ad vimeo playlist.

Packed with a huge amount of features like responsive layout, multiple playlists, external API, optional deeplinking, flexible skin, embed & share, facebook share and much more.
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11. FitVids.js

FitVids.js is a lightweight, easy-to-use jQuery plugin for fluid width video embeds. FitVids automates the Intrinsic Ratio Method by Thierry Koblentz to achieve fluid width videos in your responsive web design.
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12. Vidbg.js

Vidbg.js is a html5 jQuery video background plugin. When resizing is set to true (default) the video will resize automatically when the window is expanded or compressed. Video will play on desktops and laptops and will resort to the fallback image (poster) on mobile devices (tablets, phones, etc.).
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13. PreVideoLoad

This is a ultra lightweight jQuery plugin for load thumb of videos from Vimeo and Youtube and load fully when is needed. This plugin is cross browser compatible, fast page load and easy to customize.
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14. Touch Timeline

Touch Timeline is a really simple script that will take clean and semantic HTML code and turn it into an elegant and beautiful timeline/content slider. And because the script the script is very optimized for touchscreen devices, your visitors will get even better experience when viewing your site in an iPad for example
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15. Mediabox

This is another popular jQuery video plugin which include 9 widgets for video and audio. This plugin can handle all aspects of playlist management and automatically updates all active widgets if the playlist changes.

Automatically retrieves metadata if it is available (using an included server side php script), has an extensive options list to customize the behaviour of the playlist manager as well as each widget.
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Best jQuery Video Plugins for Streaming Your Videos
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