Best jQuery Image Slider Plugins to Power Your Websites

In this article we have showcased some of the best jQuery image slider plugins which you can use to display your favourite pictures, content and videos in a unique style on your websites.

When it comes to design a website, website content can be consider as important element, as proper and useful content can attract visitors and make them stay on website for longer time.

If you want to display your web content (images, video, text etc.) in a beautiful style and looking for some image slider and slideshow plugins then look no further, you have stepped in a right place.

Below we have gathered some of the best and useful jQuery slider plugins by which you can create beautiful image galleries and slideshows for your websites.

Following sliders are responsive and come with touch swipe gesture to even work on your mobile devices flawless. This plugin has myriad of powerful features, so you won’t have to work hard to setup a responsive image gallery for your website.

Let us know which one is your favourite by posting a comment below, we would love to have your feedback and would update our list.

1. Royal Slider

Royal Slider is number one jQuery image slider plugin which allows you to display your images beautifully and elegantly. This plugin is very useful and easy to use and includes many animations and features.
• Responsive and retina ready
• Lazy loading
• Full screen background
• Touch gesture
• YouTube & Vimeo videos in slide
Demo & Download

2. Layer Slider

LayerSlider is an ultimate solution to create professional sliders, slideshow and image galleries.
• 200+ pre-defined slide transitions
• Hover effects
• CSS Properties
• Touch gesture
• 18 Skins, theming options
Demo & Download

3. Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution is an innovative, responsive jQuery Slider Plugin that displays your content the beautiful way. This plugin has myriad of useful features by which you create eye catching and visually stunning slideshows for your websites.
• Parallax Effects
• Video Support
• Unlimited Sliders per Page
• Social Stream Based Sliders
• Keyboard Navigation
Demo & Download

4. jQuery Banner Rotator Slideshow

This is a jQuery banner rotator plugin featuring multiple transitions. The thumbnails and buttons allow for easy navigation of your banners/ads. The banner rotator is also re-sizable and configurable through the plugin’s parameters.
• Multiple transitions available. Also can set a different transition per slide.
• Able to load unlimited number of images, each with customizable text description, tooltip, and hyperlink.
• Show or hide components, including play/pause button, directional buttons, thumbnails, text panel, and tooltip.
• Can set to automatically play on startup with customizable timer delay. Also, can set a different time delay for each slide.
• Banner, thumbnails, and buttons are all resizable.
Demo & Download

5. UnoSlider

UnoSlider is a jQuery content slider plugin with an unlimited transition animations (really, unlimited!) and a wide range of a features like touch enabled, mobile optimized interface, animated layers, responsiveness and a lot of other features.
• Fully responsive
• Mobile optimized
• Touch enabled
• Literally unlimited transitions
• Animated Layers
• More than 30 options
Demo & Download

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6. Master Slider

Master Slider is a premium image and content slider with super smooth hardware accelerated transitions. It supports touch navigation with pure swipe gesture that you have never experienced before. It’s a truly responsive and device friendly slider which works perfect in all major devices.
• Touch swipe navigation
• Animated layers
• Templates and ready to use samples
• 6 interactive transitions
• Smart preloading
• Seo friendly
Demo & Download

7. Touch Carousel

TouchCarousel is mobile-friendly and lightweight jQuery content scroller with touch navigation for mobile and desktop.
• Touch navigation for supported devices.
• Paging and free-scroll mode.
• Physics-based scrolling.
• Fluid width of carousel for free-scroll mode.
• Fast, hardware accelerated CSS3 transitions.
• Four unique skins with photoshop files.
• Multiple carousels with different skins on one page is allowed.
Demo & Download

8. All in One Slider

It allows you to easily create powerful sliders with animated text using HTML standard tags, making the slider very easy to setup and maintain.
• touch screen navigation support for mobile
• Responsive design. Available parameter to disable responsive behaviour
• 3 predefined skins
• 16 photo transition effects
• Animated text from any direction: top, bottom, left and right. CSS and HTML formatted
Demo & Download

9. Advanced Slider

Advanced Slider is responsive, mobile-ready, SEO-friendly, and offers you the option to use either HTML markup or XML. The plugin also provides an easy to use API which will allow you to further enhance the functionality of the slider and will make it possible to integrate it into your own application.
• Responsive layout
• Touch screen support
• Animated layers
• Smart video
• Content thumbnails
• 7 scrollable skins
Demo & Download

10. AviaSlider

AviaSlider is a very flexible and easy to use Image slideshow plugin for jQuery with a set of really unique transitions that were never available before, as well as some basic transitions, so the slider will fit into every project. It comes with an image preloader so the slider starts when images are ready to be shown. No clumsy animations with half loaded images.
• 8 unique transition effects
• Lots of easy to set options to create your own effects
• Included Image preloader
• Autoplay that stops on user interaction
• Valid HTML5 and CSS 3 Markup
• Packed version only weights 8kb
Demo & Download

11. Mighty Slider

mightySlider is a jQuery plugin for creating advanced one-directional slider with item based navigation support. It can be used as a simple image slider, slideshow, HTML content slider, gallery, banner rotator, video gallery, carousel or even presentation.
• jQuery capabilities.
• Responsive design.
• Animated HTML captions with customizable effects.
• Easy installation in your Website.
• Unlimited Slides.
• Unlimited Caption Layers.
• Unlimited Caption Effects.
• Native browser fullscreen support.
Demo & Download

12. Sexy Slider

SexySlider is a jQuery plugin that lets you easily create powerful JavaScript Sliders with very nice transition effects
• Auto slide
• Continuous sliding
• Image captions
• Flexible configuration
• 6 Transitions effects
Demo & Download

13. Cute Slider

Cute Slider is a unique and easy to use slider with awesome 3D and 2D transition effects, captions, 4 ready to use templates, video (youtube and vimeo) support and more impressive features which written with pure object oriented javascript. It has easy to implement and search engine optimized html markup.
• 5 redy to use templates
• +100 preset transitions
• Cross browser, supports Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Opera and IE7+
• Device friendly, works in iPhone, iPad, Android Devices and Windows Phone.
• 3 fallback levels considered, CSS3 3D Transforms, HTML5 Canvas element, 2D Mode.
• Transition gallery included, a tool that provides the fastest way to select and use them in your slider.
• Fully customizable, it’s possible to customize or redesign all parts of slider.
Demo & Download

14. jQuery Responsive Timeline Slider

Timeline Slider is the definitive plugin to build your history timelines. Its main configuration can be easily customized due to its extended 17 built-in config parameters. Also more configurations can be edited through the css style sheet file.
• Useful built-in Audio Player
• 2 included Themes / Skins
• Unlimited number of images and milestones.
• Powerful lightbox – PrettyPhoto + VIDEO + Custom theme
• Full layered PSD files included
Demo & Download

15. All Around Content Slider

All Around content slider is a multi-purpose all-in-one slider solution for your website. It supports both images and video. It can be an easy and effective solution for your shop related website as you can display your products in an interesting and eye appealing way.
• Drag and move circles, or just click them
• Infinite content loop
• Responsive and mobile ready
• You can choose between horizontal and vertical slider
• You can put multiple sliders on the same page
• You can set custom width and height of the circles
Demo & Download

16. Evo Slider Pro

Evo Slider is an all in one jQuery slider that lets you create any type of content slider and give you the flexibility to use it in a variety of ways – whether you’re building anything from an image gallery, to a banner rotator and lots of things in-between.
• Multiple layout
• CSS skinning
• Autoplay
• Touch screen support
• Directional navigation
• Keyboard navigation
Demo & Download

17. Multipurpose Bookshelf Slider

Multipurpose Bookshelf Slider is useful for displaying products such as books, magazines, dvd/cd and others. It’s a way to showcase products in an attractive manner.
• Cross browser compatibility
• Set any size, width and height
• Gallery Navigation
• Lightbox
• Can display images, Videos (Youtube and Vimeo) and html content with Iframe
• Easing transitions
Demo & Download

18. Before-After Slider

Before-After allows you to place two images on top of each other and use a draggable slider to hide and reveal each image. This is especially useful for highlighting a Before/After makeover or Untouched/Photoshopped images side by side.
• jQuery Conflict free plugin.
• Example demos included.
• Easy to implement.
• Any Image Size.
• Special Easing.
Demo & Download

19. jQuery Grid Style Slider

This is a jQuery grid slider with support for multiple categories, expandable html content, and lightbox. The slider is fully configurable and resizable through the plugin’s parameters and stylesheet.
• Each slide can support different content, including images, flash, iframe, ajax, and inline content.
• Show or hide components, including play button, directional buttons, and indexes.
• Can set slider to automatically play on startup with customizable delay.
• Embed html tags and regular text for captions.
• Captions can be set to align top, bottom, left, or right. Also, captions can be set inside or outside of slide.
• Able to have captions appear on mouse over, with different transition effects.
Demo & Download

20. Paradise Slider

This plugin contains different types of bootstrap carousel such as slider with thumbnails, slider with thumbnail navigation, multiple image slider, full screen slider, carousel multiple items, carousel video background, parallax slider and carousel in bootstrap modal with new features.
• Touch swipe enables
• Controlled Slide Duration
• Carousel with parallax effects
• Text layers animation effects
• Controlled slide timing functions
• Different types of sliding transition effects
Demo & Download

21. Bee3D Slider

Bee3D Slider is a floating 3D slider and carousel plugin built with pure JavaScript and CSS3 transformations! It is extremely performant and powerful…yet is only 10kb when minified. Bee3D is easily customizable, and is extensible, which means you can quickly write your own plugins to further enhance Bee3D to your liking.
• Touch-Enabled
• Keyboard Arrow-Key Navigation
• Mouse Wheel Scrolling
• Mouse Drag / Swipe
• 9 3D Effects available, with more on the way…
• Autoplay, with optional pause on hover
• Infinite Loops
Demo & Download

22. Dasky

Dasky is a jQuery timeline slider; you can use it to show you products’s chagelog/loadmark, or loadmark of you team/life. It based on the power of css transforms and will fallback in old browsers who do not support it.
• Fluid layout
• Fullscreen or not
• Auto play
• Mousewheel control
• Keyboard control
• Major browsers compatible and fallback to old browsers
• Easy to use
Demo & Download

23. Jawdropper Slider

Jawdropper Slider is a jQuery image slider that comes with some really unusual transition effects.
• 22 transition effects.
• Works on IE7+ , Firefox 3+, Chrome 3+ and Safari 4+.
• Slide captions (simple text or html can be used).
• Navigation controls position and appearance can be customized by CSS.
• You can set a specific transition for each slide or set a random transition.
• Navigation controls can be set to be always visible, appear on mouse over or no visible at all.
Demo & Download

24. Ultimate Smart Slider

This is a plugin that automatically generates a slider from a folder of images, taking the name of the images as captions. You can change the order of the images, and also select which ones will show the caption.
• Stop coding your images
• 40 Transition Effects for the images
• 11 Transition Effects for the captions
• CSS3 Transformations
• Thumbnails
• Tons of Options
• Responsive
• Swipe Support
Demo & Download

25. i’Slider

i’Slider created to be a simple but effective instrument which can be used to solve a wide range of problems. If you need to create image, content or banner rotating system i’Slider would be a boon. It can handle images, embed video or html and is really easy to use.
• Auto play
• Pause on hover
• Images, embed or html content
• List, arrows and thumbs navigation
• Vertical or horizontal move direction
• Captions
Demo & Download

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