13 jQuery YouTube Plugins You Shouldn’t Miss

This article showcases some of the best jQuery YouTube plugins which you can use to play your favorite videos for your websites. These plugins are easy to use and packed with powerful features to make your websites more user friendly and multi-functioning.

Here is the list of jQuery YouTube Plugins below.

1. YouTube Gallery

This is a versatile jQuery YouTube plugin which is packed with plenty of features such as responsive, 100+ parameters to adjust, structured video playlist, divide videos into groups, autorotation and also few animations (slide, fade, coverflow, flip and cube animation effects).
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2. YouTubeTV

YouTube TV is a small, slick, library independent YouTube User/Playlist player. Also it can be used as a jQuery plugin. This plugin is library independent, customizable via CSS, autoplay, supports playlists and users and various other features.
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3. YouTube_PopUp

jQuery plugin to display YouTube video or Vimeo video in PopUp, responsive & retina, Compatible with WordPress, Autoplay support, easy to use.
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4. YouTube Gallery Wall

Youtube Gallery Wall transforms a UL element containing links to Youtube videos into a “wall” of video thumbnails. Moving your mouse over each thumbnail (or tapping on mobile devices) gives you the option to play the video inside a lightbox, or optionally go to another page, such as the corresponding Youtube page associated with the video.

Youtube Gallery Wall is responsive, and by default displays 4 columns of thumbnails, dwindling down to 3 and 2 columns based on the width of the browser window.
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5. YouTube VideoBox

Youtube VideoBox is a youtube video player. It is powered by PHP and Javascript to play videos from youtube. It enables webmasters to provide a video player on their site without have to host and stream video files. You can select which videos you want to play and enter your own title by using the Playlist Manager. The design is very customizable, it comes with 18 themes and can be easily controlled by CSS.
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6. Responsive YouTube Player with Playlist

Responsive YouTube Player with Playlist. Since YouTube API V3.0, it’s mandatory to create a YT API key in order to get the playlists contents programmatically… there aren’t other ways to do this. The old XML Feed used in the V.01 of RYPP has been removed by YouTube and no longer exists.
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7. YouTube and Vimeo Video Player with Playlist

This is another great plugin in the list which allows you to play both YouTube and Vimeo video files, all you need to use is the video ID and plugin will get these information from YouTube server, parameters to use your own information.

This plugin is compatible with all mobile devices, responsive design, includes customizable color scheme, playlist with 3 versions, multiple parameters, touch screen navigation and much more.
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8. jQuery Tubular

Tubular is a jQuery plugin that lets you set a YouTube video as your page background. Just attach it to your body tag, specify a YouTube video ID and tell it the ID of your content wrapper and you’re on your way.
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9. Youmax

Youmax is a jQuery plugin used to display any YouTube channel on your website. This plugin has channel header, uploads of the channel in a tab, any playlist that you specifies will be displayed as a tab, and a page that displays all playlist of a channel.
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10. StarTube

StarTube is a powerful yet easy to use video gallery based on the brand new StarTube jQuery Plugin. It’s a perfect choice if you wish to bring your favourite videos from YouTube to your website and display them nicely inside a categorized gallery.

StarTube allows adding short description to the enclosed videos which makes it highly suitable for portfolio websites showcasing video shooting samples as well as personal video galleries.
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11. Yunero

Yunero is a new jQuery plugin that creates a widget on your website to display video feed for YouTube channel uploads or custom playlist .
Just specify your youtube channel URL and this widget will display the recent uploads from your channel. You may also specify your youtube playlist URL and video feeds from your playlist will be displayed. A subscription box for you is also shown to attract social people.
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12. YouTube Embed Optimizer

YouTube Embed Optimizer changes the way embedded YouTube videos behave “on-the-fly” to speed up your page load times and make various effects possible. There is no need to modify your existing code – simply add the files to your site and YouTube Embed Optimizer will work automatically. It is compatible with all web-based environments including WordPress, and all desktop and mobile browsers from IE7 onwards.
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13. YouTube Vimeo Popup Plugin

This is a plugin that allows users to easily create popup videos that appear after clicking an element on the page. This could be an image, link, or whatever you want! These videos can be YouTube or Vimeo videos.
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13 jQuery YouTube Plugins You Shouldn’t Miss
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