Best jQuery Form Validation Plugins 2017

Forms data need to be validated before accepting at backend so it won’t cause any error during the process. Form validation is a real mess and demands lots of efforts and time. Fortunately we have some jQuery Form Validation plugins by which you can easily achieve form validation. If you still find it difficult you can go ahead and hire website design experts who will create flawless websites.

Below you will find some of the Best jQuery Form Validation plugins which not only make validation easy for you but also help you to customize your forms as required and deliver a better experience to your visitors.

We have included both free and premium plugins, you can choose as per your requirements.

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1. H5Validate

h5Validate is an HTML5 form validation plugin for jQuery. It works on all major browsers, both new and old. Implements inline, realtime validation best practices.
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2. Validatr

Validatr relies on using modern HTML5 input attributes to perform validation. Validatr will use native validation whereever possible, relying on a small piece of Modernizr to test for support. If an input type is not supported or a custom test is found Validatr will use it’s own ruleset to supplement native validation. In either case, the validation message is displayed in a cross-browser manner allowing for customization.
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3. Multi Step Form Wizard jQuery Validation

Multi Step Form Wizard based on Html5, CSS3 and jQuery. It can be used for all type of web applications like custom admin panel, project management system, admin dashboard, and application backend, CMS or CRM. It’s lightweight and compatible with almost all major browsers and devices.

Multi Step Form Wizard provide step Counter and step Image feature. You can set field description with popover. You can adapt step navigation clickable to your website’s requirements. All error messages are configure inside plugin so you can quickly change error message when you have enable form validation.
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4. jQuery MultiValidator

Multivalidator is an Ajax form validator with unique features; captcha that increases the user experience and protect your forms, supports regular expressions, ajax callbacks and his appearance is fully customizable. Choose color and shape of message, animations, duration ,captcha type, error meter, miniature form and more, according your site’s needs.
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5. FormValidation

FormValidation is a jQuery plugin to validate form fields. FormValidation is designed to use with: Bootstrap, Foundation, Pure, Semantic UI, UIKit and others such as Skeleton etc.
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6. Fellform

The client-side plugin provides advanced form validation. It’s based on jQuery and allows a developer to add quick verification of website forms (i.e. check if fields are filled, passwords match, values correspond to the specified format) in a couple of steps. You just need to include the plugin in your page, set classes which will define input validation rules and add script call.
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7. JavaScript Form Validation Library

This is a complete library to validate client-side input and provide feedback accordingly. The JavaScript library contains 12 base validation functions that can validate all types of form fields.
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8. Validator

Validator is a user-friendly HTML5 form validation jQuery plugin for Bootstrap 3. This plugin includes custom validator functions, customizable error messages, validation of an input field via Ajax, and submission of an entry is disabled until the form is valid and all required fields are complete.
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9. zValidates

zValidates – jQuery plugin to check the data entered by the user to input. Easy to use due to the connection of only one data- attribute “data-validate”.
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10. ValidForm

ValidForm is a Full Responsive Ajax Form with Required field jQuery validation and Anti Spam (simple Math Captcha) built on Latest Version of Bootstrap Framework (v3.3.7), HTML5/CSS3 and JQuery.

ValidForm is a responsive, clean, well documented Ajax Form. It can be simply integrated at your site with the documentation help. All the codes are clean, well commented and well organized with proper help documentation. It looks great with all types of devices.
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11. jQBootstrap Validation

jqBootstapValidation is a jQuery validation framework for Bootstrap forms. jqBootstrapValidation will scan for HTML5 validator attributes directly on the elements, plus any extra options specified via data attributes.
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12. Validetta

Validetta is a tiny jQuery plugin which you can do client-side validation of your forms. It aims to decrease your burden with easy usage and flexible structure.
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13. Forms Plus

Froms Plus is a form framework. JS version includes everything CSS has, plus date/time pickers, color pickers, sliders, captcha fields, spinners, field groups (for code, credit card number, etc.), masked fields, actions blocks (add/remove/show/hide/toggle blocks with buttons, links, checkboxes, selects), image uploads, checkboxes and radio buttons (with toggle all, untoggle, groups and subgroups, etc.), and lots of features done with power of Javascript, jQuery, CSS and PHP.
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14. LeValidate

LeValidate gives you ability to validate forms by rules that are very easy to set along with css3 dynamic notification box which you can modify as you like. Plugin is mainly designed to be light and easy to edit for everyone.
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15. jQuery Form Validation Plugin

This is another great easy to use jQuery form validation plugin which includes some nifty features like field validation, password strength meter bar, inline notification for input, multi language support, responsive design, callback function, works with PHP4 and 5, no database required for installation and much more.
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Best jQuery Form Validation Plugins 2017
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