12 jQuery Audio Player Plugins

jQuery Audio Player Plugins allow you to play your favorite audio files on your websites for your visitors, this not only draws visitors attention but also helps visitors to stay on your website which results in more sales and business. Myriad of websites use audio player to play music while showing full slideshows, image galleries, and portfolio to gear up the mood of their visitors. These audio player plugins provide a neat and clean interface to website visitors and let them decide whether audio should play or not during their visit.

For this article you will find a list of 12 jQuery Audio Player Plugins which you can use to setup an audio interface on your websites to play your favorite music without any distortion.

Following plugins are easy to use and bundled with tons of powerful features and can play any type of audio and mp3 file easily.

1. jPlayer

jPlayer is lightweight (14kb), free and open source (MIT) media library written in JavaScript. jPlayer allows you to rapidly weave cross platform audio and video into your web pages.

jPlayer’s comprehensive API allows you to create innovative media solutions while support and encouragement is provided by jPlayer’s active and growing community.

jPlayer is totally customizable and skinnable using HTML and CSS, multi-codec, cross browser and cross platform, and includes comprehensive documentation to get start with it.
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2. UbaPlayer

UbaPlayer is a simple jQuery plugin that plays audio natively in modern browsers and uses Flash where native playback is impossible.
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3. Toneden.js

Toneden.js is a pure JS customizable audio player for your SoundCloud. It is fully customizable, responsive, and extensible.
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4. Music Player XML List jQuery Plugin

music sound player
This is a jQuery plugin music web player standalone work only in modern browsers which support html5, easy embed in your html page load sounds dynamically from xml data.

It can play mp3, wav, and ogg files, supports mobile devices, loaded with xml date, knob style slider, iOS touch friendly and supports html5 css3.
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5. Audio Element

audio element
Audio Element is easy to use jQuery Plugin that allows you to integrate audio files right into your page. It supports modern play/stop and seeks features. Also it comes with 3 different color schemes (Standard, Material and Translucent).
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6. OIPlayer

OIPlayer jQuery Plugin is HTML5 audio and video player with fallback to Javascript and Flash. OIPlayer ‘attaches’ itself to all video and/or audio tags it encounters. Besides the general configuration of the plugin itself, it uses for each individual tag the attributes the respective tag has like poster, width, controls, autoplay etc.
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7. SoundCloud Music Player

SoundCloud Music Player is a dynamic jQuery plugin designed to allow native audio streaming on websites, using HTML5 and jQuery. It is designed based on SoundCloud technology and can be used as a replacement for SoundCloud embed players.

The music player is incredibly flexible and easy to use. It only needs one line of HTML code to embed in your web page and it will be ready to use.
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8. Acron Media Player

acron media player
Acorn Media Player is a HTML5 media player with a focus on accessibility and customization. It comes with full screen support, buffering indicator, keyboard access, loading indicator, audio support and its completely free and open source.
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9. Responsive and Touch Friendly Audio Player

responsive and touch friendly audio player
A jQuery audio player plugin that is responsive and touch-friendly. The UI is css-only, no images used. This is a tiny, lightweight player with a very clear purpose: to play a single audio file. You don’t need complex plugins or ugly Flash players with thousands of useless functions to play that damn audio file.
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10. jQuery Audio Player (Music)

jquery audio player music
It is a minimised HTML5 audio music player based on jQuery. It is extremely lightweight and flexible to use. Also it supports live streaming, keyboard control functionality, playlist, optional download, circular seekbar and quite easy to use.
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11. Fullwidth Audio Player

fullwidth audio player
It is another cool jQuery audio player plugin which allows you to play your favourite audio files. This plugin supports keyboard navigation, html and xml playlists, unlimited color variations, social media sharing and various other customization options.
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12. AudioControls

AudioControls simple lightweight jQuery plugin helps you to create your own audio player, playlist and additional features.
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Final Words

Above mentioned jQuery Audio player plugins are best in their class and come with numerous features, you can use these plugins and add music player on your website to make your website more catchy and distinctive. Let us know if you are aware of some other plugins, we would love to add them into the list.

12 jQuery Audio Player Plugins
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